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We strive for results every day, creating value for our clients, automating and making processes more effective, and improving user experience.

We believe that the best results are achieved only by actively and consistently working together.

We aspire to ascend the role of the independent contractor, becoming a part of the client’s team instead.

We are proactive and dedicated to achieving results.



CHECK portfolio management system helps your team prioritise projects more efficiently using 8 stages which integrate your company’s strategy into racional resource managing

CHECK system helps administrate your projects through 8 stages.

System generates visualised dashboards to keep track of your projects progress.

You can compile settings according to your team‘s strategic focus.

Helps you transfer information faster using exporting, importing and report generation.

How to use CHECK portfolio management system

Determine how many portfolios you will be needing to manage your company’s projects.

Compile settings that match your strategic focus. This will give your team a better understanding how the projects are being prioritised and what goals are needed to be achieved through projects.

Start the project life cycle by gathering new ideas and register them as new projects.

CHECK system has versitile evaluation and prioritisation scoring system which represents your strategic focus.

Portfolio and program dashboards visualise relevant information of projects in execution and monitoring stages in order to update you with how projects are implementing your strategic focus.

Execute projects by establishing responsibilities using different roles for your team members so the life cycle of the project can be controlled more efficiently.

About us

Devocean is a team of developers, system architects and project managers which combines decades of experience with a passion for innovations we can use for our client’s benefit.

The company has been founded to unite professionals who are motivated by the search for process improvement in private companies and government organizations.

The Devocean team members have successfully worked on a variety of projects both huge in scope and importance throughout European, Asian, South American and African government organizations, ecommerce and industrial companies.

The team is unified by its trust in the team, respect, sharing of knowledge, passion for processes and the search to improve them by implementing the most suitable technologies.

Our team


Alvydas Šidlauskas

CEO and Founder

Alvydas has 25 years of experience in developing critical large scale software and systems. Having started as a software developer at Elsis, Alvydas became the Head of Software Development at the company. He has also spent 15 years leading NRD.


Tautvydas Buzas

Project Manager

Tautvydas has more than 10 years of experience in developing SAP logistics modules and e-commerce products, as well as managing integration projects (B2B) with other ERP systems for automotive, appliance, chemical and medical industries in Germany, France, USA, China, New Zealand and software development projects in Lithuania.


Mažvydas Skuodas

Systems Architect and Consultant

Over his 15 years in the software business, Mažvydas has worked with some of the biggest Lithuanian and German e-commerce projects, as well as one the largest credit bureaus in the UK, as well as huge B2C projects.


Raminta Martinaitienė

System analyst

7 years of experience working with large public sector projects in Lithuania and different strategy implementations for projects such as EU Structural Funds Management and Monitoring, EU data exchange, Gas-main pipeline supervisory control and data acquisition, railways risk management, European Economic Area (EEA) and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms (NOR) management systems.


Vilma Jakimavičiūtė

System analyst

More than 10 years professional experience conducting system analysis activities in private (telecommunications) and public (registries) sectors. The role of Senior System Analyst in development, improvement and maintenance projects of large scale systems. Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) since March 2016.


Brigita Žoštautaitė

Quality Assurance

Brigita has 2 years of experience working with large e-commerce projects, website testing, analytical skill improvement and different strategy implementation while maintaining B2C projects.


Donatas Brazauskas

Software Developer

Donatas has 4 years of experience working with massive e-government and industrial projects, using .NET, JavaScript and PHP technologies and Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases.


Marius Geležinis

Software Developer

Marius has been working with e-government systems for 4 years, using .NET, JavaScript, PHP, as well as Microsoft SQL, Oracle and Mongo databases. Marius also has experience working in Africa.


Mantas Sabeckis

Software Developer

Experience in developing web applications with PHP, JavaScript technologies and MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Mongo databases.


Darius Jakutis

Software Developer

Experience developing web applications using PHP (Laravel), JavaScript (Vue.js) technologies, and MySQL and Oracle databases.


Rokas Skinderis

Software Developer

Experience in developing e-government systems and web applications using PHP (Laravel) Javascript (Angular, Vue.js, Node.js) and MySQL databases.

Our experience

Consulting services:

Company Registry for the Kingdom of Bhutan

Pledge Registry for the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Pledge Registry for the Republic of Vanuatu

Pledge Registry for the Rebublic of Azerbaijan

Pledge Registry for the Republic of Belarus

Pledge Registry for the County of Nizhny Novgorod (Russia)

IT systems development:

Digital Mortgage Registry for the Republic of Rwanda

Tax Declaration Systems for the governments of four Carribbean micro-countries (Saint Lucia, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

The Births and Deaths Registry System for Zanzibar

Pledge Registry for the Republic of Guatemala

Company Registry for the United Republic of Tanzania

Company Registry for the Republic of Liberia


We are always interested in ambitious and proactive:
System analysts
Testers, documentation writers
.NET developers
PHP developers

Contact us at, tell us about yourself, attach your CV and let’s meet to talk more!


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Kaunas, Lithuania

Devocean LT
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CEO: Alvydas Šidlauskas
Company ID: 304852936
VAT code: LT100011809815